Ten Little Hikers: Across New Zealand in Poetry

    Ten little hikers tramping in line.

    One took a side path,

    And then there were nine

    Nine little hikers set up camp very late

    One stumbled in the dark

    And then there were eight

    Eight little hikers looking up at heaven

    One wanted to go there

    And then there were seven

    Seven little hikers grilling marshmallows on sticks

    One burnt himself

    And then there were six

    Six little hikers walked into a bee hive.

    One was allergic

    and then there were five.

    Five little hikers met upon a boar

    One was caught off guard

    And then there were four

    Four little hikers camped by a tree

    A branch fell down on one

    And then there were three

    Three little hikers again on the move

    One twisted his ankle,

    And then there were two

    Two little hikers now almost done

    One fell at the finish line,

    And then there was one

    One little hiker in the wilderness all alone

    At last he reached his goal

    And then he went home

    Origin of the poem:

    Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors, and as I was reading And then there were none I came upon a poem I figured could be rearranged into something that’s more relateable to me than a murder-mystery. Maybe someone can make a little story out of this some day..

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