the maxing-it-out-every-day way


– I’m doing one set – and one set only – of as many pushups as I can every day.


– For fun, and to see how I progress.

Is this a good program?

– Not really. This is more of a challenge, or test.

How come you increase  your numbers so quickly in the start?  What other training do you do?

– I’m not much for pushups – but I am not new to them and as such progress will be faster in the beginning. I have been able to do more than 50 in one go before, but it’s been about a year since I last did pushups as a (somewhat regular) form of exercise. I basically never train chest at all, but I do lots of pull-ups, which I am damn good at. I also run quite a bit, sometimes ultra-marathons, and once I walked across New Zealand. During this period of maxing out every day pushups will be my only form of chest-exercise, but other than that I’ll be running and doing some back exercises, to even things out. If it wasn’t for my background as a decently athletic person my progress would be much, much slower.

What about rest days?

– Lol.

How long will you do this?

– At least till I get to 100 – or even a full year. Hopefully I’ll get there faster than the guy that inspired me to do this little challenge over at Reddit. Updates will be given on a weekly basis.

Why is doing 100 pushups something to aspire to?

– It’s not. Neither is finishing a marathon, or climbing some specific mountain, but people still do it. I guess humans like doing arbitrary, stupid things.

Wait, I don’t believe you’re doing any pushups at all!

– Well, I could be lying. But I am recording myself doing pushups every day, so if video-proof ever comes up don’t judge me for wearing the same clothes for too many days in a row.

Is there a stock-photo of a handsome man doing pushups in sand at the bottom of this page?

– Look for yourself, you wonderful human being.

Week One